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ÜberGuard Simplifies Your Approach to CyberSecurity

Easily scan your network for vulnerabilities and manage remediation.


your network vulnerabilities and security issues in a cost-effective manner

  • Efficiently scan your network with UberGuard
  • With one simple user interface, you can manage all your scanning tools
  • Your cybersecurity needs are consolidated into one centralized portal


the complexity of managing cybersecurity with an easy-to-use and configuarable portal

  • Configurable-scan one computer or entire network
  • Programmable-schedule a scan on your terms
  • Flexible
  • Executive and technical reports
  • Trend and comparison reporting


every level of your network within your organization.

  • Identfy all vulnerabilities and execute remediation
  • Proactive approach to prioritizing security issues
  • Enable streamlined policy management


ÜberGuard is a cost effective solution for any size customer seeking a true user-friendly vulnerability management system.

Gain confidence in your Cybersecurity posture with ÜberGuard

ÜberGuard’s professional services organization helps customers mitigate cybersecurity risks 24/7

Why Choose Us

Business Excellence

Our comprehensive approach to cybersecurity enables you to consolidate, normalize and prioritize vulnerability management initiatives enterprise-wide. We help you focus on business “Best Practices” as they relate to administrative, physical and technical safeguards. We protect your business to keep you in business. In our 14 years of helping businesses remain secure and compliant, we boast a 100% hack-free record. None of our clients who adhere to our lifecycle methodology have suffered a breach.

Why We Do This

ÜberGuard believes that security is not just about patching and re-configuring computers. We work closely with your business to understand not only the technical infrastructure but the human element as well. Our consultative approach provides an independent view of the administrative, physical and technical safeguards that are necessary to secure the logical and physical controls of an organization.


ÜberGuard’s objective is to protect our client’s data resources from internal and external cybersecurity related threats by implementing industry-accepted security practices in IT planning, implementation, management, and operations. This is accomplished by focusing on the following initiatives:

    • Devising techniques for cost-effective security measures that appropriately safeguard IT systems and proprietary information;
    • Implementing  programs that validate security in IT systems and services, which in turn form the basis for continuous improvement initiatives;
    • Re-evaluating IT risks, vulnerabilities and protection requirements to vigilantly ensure that remediation was successful and that any newly identified vulnerabilities are immediately dealt with;
    •  Provide necessary remediation guidance and services to assist our customers in quickly addressing their vulnerabilities.
ÜberGuard is results driven.  We employ a rigorous methodology and Lifecycle Management Plan with our consulting projects. This includes our consulting methodology called CRI (Continuous Risk Improvement) and a project management methodology, which follows best practices developed from the Project Management Institute. This ensures the timely delivery of the best possible solutions. Our methodology utilizes proprietary tools that are tailored for each project’s requirements.

Our Offerings

  • Internal/External vulnerability & security configuration assessments
  • Risk Management & Mitigation
  • Web application & WiFi assessments
  • Social engineering – Policy, People, Process, Security Awareness Training
  • Security policy development & deployment
  • Compliance Readiness – HIPAA, GLBA, SSAE 16 SOC 3, ITAR, FISMA, PCI, etc.
  • Management, Monitoring and Review

How We Work

The ÜberGuard team will work with your organization’s IT and Security staff to understand and review your organization’s security infrastructure, evaluate your existing information technology control framework and identify where you are most vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks. Using ÜberGuard’s proven and proprietary methodologies and software solutions, we can assist you in many ways to drive the outcomes you desire and require.

    • We bring a consultative approach to every engagement with our clients. In order to understand your needs, our support team of CISSP’s will work in concert with your team to understand your network configuration, vulnerability profile and the lifecycle management approach to your business.


    • Where appropriate and necessary, our team can help address everything from social engineering change to remediation support for your organization. Our managed security practice provides a full lifecycle approach.


    • Our SaaS offering of ÜberScan Reporter enables IT and Security Professionals to upload their Nessus files into our secure system so you can create consolidated reporting that drives actionable results. Make it easy on you and your team to turn security management around.


    • We bring other solutions to the table through key partnerships in the industry to help you manage your security and network infrastructure. Our deep understanding of everything from mobile device management through to cloud computing infrastructures, enables ÜberGuard to deliver best in class solutions right to your team.

Security Consulting

There is no need to complicate your security requirements

ÜberGuard’s independent cyber team will help you create a comprehensive risk management and mitigation strategy driven at both the technical and executive levels. Our methodology combined with the tools (human and technical) create a synchronized engagement that keeps our customers happy and secure. Our “Keep IT Simple” approach to:

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Reporting
  • Respond/Remediate/Protect/Manage
  • Focus on UseINT™ (People and Culture) creates awareness across your entire organization and not just on the shoulders of your IT team.

We will work with you to create a threat-aware culture and implement behavioral policies & procedures to address current and future risks.

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Discovery Services

Ensuring that safeguards are optimally applied to protect data assets.

We support multiple vulnerability scanning tools. This enables you to either conduct your own scans or have ÜberGuard perform the scans for you.

Wireless Assessments

You can never be too certain that the wireless infrastructure you are relying on is secure. ÜberGuard’s wireless assessment services will identify any vulnerabilities or security configuration issues that are present in your wireless infrastructure.

Our team will perform comprehensive assessments on your web applications in an efficient and cost effective way. We can look at the surface or look at the full infrastructure of your web applications.

Social Engineering Assessments

ÜberGuard assists our clients by assessing the human network. We will determine how vulnerable you are by assessing the potential to breach your network, steal your intellectual property, or to gain physical access to your facilities. We will also educate your company on what to look for and align your employee policies to these procedures.

Security Policy Assessments

With a Security Policy Assessment, you will gain comfort knowing that your policies are in alignment with your organizations’ business practices.

Bridge the gap between security and compliance with third party assessments of your security and regulatory compliance postures. Our compliance readiness programs help you move the process to compliance much more efficiently than before.

ÜberGuard Provides Entities with Computer Forensics for Discovery and Litigation Purposes

Our Engagement Methodology


Utilizing our Systems’ Characterization methodology, ÜberGuard will review your organization’s security infrastructure to understand the existing information technology control framework and to identify where you are most vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks


We work with your IT organization to scan and identify vulnerabilities in all aspects of your network. Whether you are an IT security professional or a customer looking for someone to help you discover issues, we take you through the next step in the process quickly and efficiently.


Now there is a simple cost effective way to summarize your network security posture without spending thousands of dollars on reporting software. ÜberGuard’s proprietary reporting software streamlines your way to remediation.


We align our security processes with your business operations to ensure a correlation between exposures and threats. We help you become compliant ready and get you through remediation of your issues by minimizing false positives in order to optimize your risk management.

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Our Clients

  • “We work with sensitive health care data, therefore our clients insist we meet stringent guidelines concerning network and data security. The security review and assessment provided by Chris at ÜberGuard satisfies all of our clients’ security requirements.”

    CIO, WNY Hospital
  • "UberGuard has consistently and concisely enabled us to bring our security standards to the highest degree. I would recommend anyone questioning their IT security to reach out to the Überguard team".

    President, Credit Union

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